Facebook and Social Media Marketing

Use our technology and experience to target your audience on Facebook and other social media platforms with customized messages. We can help you craft creative and shareable content about your garden center. In addition, we will combine social media marketing techniques with other marketing channels and platforms for a unified marketing strategy. We will track and analyze your Facebook promotion strategies and write reports to help you understand how you can improve your social media promotion programs.

We have a seven-day Facebook marketing program, all year long.

We use different strategies and activities to promote your garden center with our seven-day social media marketing program. 

           7 Days a week                                     3 Days a week

October 15th to march 14th             March 15th to October 14th

  • 210Posts from spring to fall
  • 55 Posts mid-fall & winter

Our clients choose us because we provide garden centers with accurate and personalized social media marketing services. Our comprehensive social media marketing solutions are much more affordable than having an in-house marketing department. In addition, we will help you create an online community of individuals that are interested in your garden center. Our Facebook marketing program will enable you to strengthen personal contacts with your audience.

We track and analyze trendy topics in the gardening world to create innovative content that will create a buzz on social media platforms. The social content we will design for you will be tailored for your audience with relevant images, videos, and articles. We will also publish interesting information on social media platforms about your garden center.

We will optimize your social media page according to your needs to create engagements and more leads using the optimized content. We can help you create social media campaigns that will enhance the image of your garden center on social networking sites. The content that we will create will help highlight your garden center products and engage your audience.

We provide full social media campaign integration with the aim of increasing exposure and lead conversion rates. In addition, we use cross-platform tools to manage content on various social media platforms. We specialize in tracking, analyzing, and reporting to ensure maximum results from your social media campaign.
Our aim is to help you build a community of loyal followers for your garden center’s social media pages. Contact us today to find out what makes us different.

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